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Small Presses, Big Ideas

Let me draw your attention to the excellent Speechification blog. Basically the blog posts bits from BBC’s Radio 4 that might otherwise have slipped past you. All the programmes are available as MP3s (I gather this has been sanctioned by Auntie Beeb?).

Recently I have enjoyed Small Presses, Big Ideas where Phill Jupitus looks at small poetry presses and, as the blog says, “he clearly revels in the tactile and sensory splendour of these little volumes and gets the poets to enthuse splendidly about this eccentric and essential world”.


GeoGreeting is a really nice idea: images taken from Google Earth show buildings shaped as letters when viewed from above. You can then combine the letters/buildings to send online greetings. It’s that latter bit which doesn’t really work for me, but I do enjoy exploring the various letters. The “o” is particularly beautiful.

Kid Gloves

About six months ago my then webhost pulled the carpet out underneath my feet and deleted my old weblog. I never got a mail or a letter explaining why. As I had no actual internet access at the time I was torn between feeling bitter and being rather relieved.

But I have missed keeping a weblog (it has been nearly seven years to the date that I first began) and now I have shiny new broadband in the comfort of my own home, so here we go.

Fourth edition.

Weblog 4.0.