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Oh My Darling EYF2015

March 2015 128

The past weekend saw the second Edinburgh Yarn Festival happen. Just like the first EYF, it was absolutely brilliant. I don’t have many photos to show you. I was too busy to take photos and, while appreciative, David does not feel like taking 9500 photos of yarn stalls. I don’t quite know why.

March 2015 106

Old Maiden Aunt

March 2015 154

Baa Ram Ewe

March 2015 152

Podcaster Plutonium Muffin was drop-spindling this beauty

March 2015 089

The Evening Ca-BAA-Ret with the dream team, KNITSONIK and Ms Y.

March 2015 142Helene Magnusson had an exquisite stall

March 2015 147

Lovely to see rustic Scandinavian yarns in the UK

March 2015 135

This photo cracks me up because it makes me look like a photo-bomber.

March 2015 144

Weaving is the new spinning is the new knitting is the new yoga

Because I was so incredibly busy, I did not have time to make any purchases and I also missed out on seeing many, many friends (you know who you are). However, I did meet an incredible amount of amazing people and I had some really thought-provoking conversations. I honestly never knew so many of you read this blog and I am blown away by some of the insightful comments you made to me. It really made me think about big, hard things and on my way home on Sunday night, I wrote the first draft of the preface to my next big, big collection.

EYF 2015 was incredible. I have already thanked the organisers profusely, but I also want to thank Louise Scollay who really came through for me when I hit my Wall of Stress. The Podcast Lounge was a sanctuary for many people and I loved hearing all the small conversations between total strangers. EYF also had a very strong community feel with an emphasis on smart, bold people who march to a different beat. It was inclusive and positive – and it felt very personal and warm despite its size. I took a lot from it (not least hugs and chocolate).

Over the weekend I worked 35 hours, slept for seven hours, and travelled for six hours – and I would happily do it all over again. Just give me a week to recover from this one.

March 2015 076

Loved this bridge right by the EYF venue. Look at it!

10 Thoughts on “Oh My Darling EYF2015

  1. I was about to write why wouldn’t anyone want to take 9,500 photos of lovely yarn but I realised I only took one photo myself, too much lovely yarn to look that! It was lovely to see you and so glad you had an amazing experience, it was a fantastic festival, wasn’t it? We used to live near that bridge, lovely to be back round our old stomping ground.

    • I loved seeing your Storegga! Thank you so much for coming around to my stall to show me. As always i wish we had had more time to catch up. And yes, it was very very good.

  2. It was absolutely lovely meeting you. I had heard the podcast with you and Louise and I am looking forwar to the new one. Even if I have heard most of it irl. I have bought your ebook on Sunday and I have cast on on my way back home with one of those lovely yarns.

    • I absolutely loved your Lush – I don’t think I got a chance to tell you :) And, well, you got all the advance scoop. What are you knitting?

  3. Paula on March 17, 2015 at 2:30 pm said:

    I took no pictures on Saturday and then panicked and took a few at 3pm on Sunday. The pictures you have look great.

  4. I couldn’t come on the sunday just sat afternoon + eve due to work commitments so frustrating! would have loved to have walked around at my leisure but it was an awesome event!! and so wonderful to be ‘at home’.

    • Karie on March 19, 2015 at 3:01 pm said:

      It was really, really good and inspiring! I did not have any time to see any of the many things I wanted to see, so I am enjoying seeing everybody’s blog posts.

  5. The only pictures I took were the ones with you! It was a marvellous weekend, though, and so good to catch up with you.

    • Karie on March 19, 2015 at 3:03 pm said:

      It was SO GOOD to meet you again! Finally! Don’t leave it two years again. And yes i did finally end up getting lunch ;)

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