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Spring Yarns & Colours, Oh My

Jamiesons at Queen of Purls

Earlier today I was having a long conversation with Jo of the Shinybees podcast, and I know you’ll be shocked to hear that we lapsed into a long conversation about yarn. It wasn’t a big, clever discussion about the economics of the yarn industry or an in-depth analysis of current hand-dyeing trends. We just had a full-on yarn love discussion. This is what I love about my life in knitting: people understand you when you lapse into a long, rapturous monologue about Yarns That You Love. I don’t do small-talk very well, but I can talk about yarn at great length. And sometimes you just need pictures to go along with the full-on yarn love. Look at the WALL of Jamieson’s – I took the photo at The Queen of Purls this past weekend when I ran a class there. I could just bury myself in that WALL OF COLOUR.

This is very much the Week After the Week After Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I have finally caught up on sleep and I feel back in sync once more. The organisers of EYF have announced they will be back next year – I am simultaneously excited and ‘but I have only just recovered from the last one’. As you may remember, I was too busy to do any shopping during EYF so I allowed myself a small post-EYF treat. Ms Knit British alerted me to a new yarn base/colour combo from Skein QueenGotland Rustic in Emerald City. In SQ’s own words:

This rustic Gotland Wool comes from Swedish Gotland sheep and is spun in Denmark. This traditional Scandinavian wool is somewhat hairy yet has the typical silky lustre of the Gotland sheep, and drapes very well. It’s warm and hard-wearing. Gotland sheep are naturally grey, so hand-dyed colourways obtain an extra depth and richness. Emerald green on the grey base.

In other words, that yarn had my name all over it and I know exactly what I will be doing with it (an Authors & Artists design).

Skein Queen Gotland loveliness


But first I need to finish a commissioned design that I am knitting out of a GLORIOUS shade of Malabrigo Rios. I cannot say much beyond that (because, you know, commissions) so I’m just going to talk briefly about Japanese short rows that I’ve been using a lot recently and which look amazing in garter stitch.

malabrigo rios & short rows

I often find standard wrap-and-turn short rows really cumbersome and annoying to work. Standard w&t became especially annoying when I worked short row “set-in” sleeves for my recent Hetty cardigan, so I knew I wanted to explore other techniques with this new design. Japanese short rows turned out to be exactly what I needed – they were quick to work, super-intuitive and worked a treat both worked flat and in the round (if you are unfamiliar with this method, Carol Feller has a great tutorial).

Ah, soul feasting on colours and textures and all the beautiful sunshine here in Glasgow. Spring is here. What are you knitting?


22 Thoughts on “Spring Yarns & Colours, Oh My

  1. I love the colour of your top secret commission knitting. I’m knitting a Gretchen pullover in the Ripples Crafts Na Dannsairean 4ply in damson that I bought at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I thought it would take a while, but I’m not far off finishing the body already. I love the yarn – it’s so tactile. Knitting it up is highly addictive.

  2. I have a pair of ongoing socks that I save for meetings at work, and I’m working on an Icelandic sweater (Aftur) with yarn my mum bought me when she was in Iceland last summer. I’m going to finish it just in time for the weather to get warm again. I’m very excited/nervous about it, because I’ve completely changed the colours from what the designer used. I really hope that my choices work out!

    • Oh, Icelandic yoke jumpers are the best. I knitted one back in 2009 and it’s my go-to winter jumper. You’ll get so much wear out of yours!

  3. Shuna Marr on March 24, 2015 at 4:52 pm said:

    Just started a Shawl from Lucy Hague’s cable shawl book. Inchneish or something like that it’s called. Using Eden cottage Titus yarns. Both book and yarn I bought at EYC. This yeasr was my first time but next year I’s definitely go back!

  4. Colour, colour, colour! Maybe it’s a reaction to the undoubted (despite the sleet) coming of spring and the arrival of colour in the garden too, but my knitting has been seriously Noro of late.

    (We Yarn Lovers are not alone, or particularly uncommon. I help out in a friend’s small but fab wool shop, and we constantly get people coming in for a fondle. Of the wool, not the wool shop cat – she won’t tolerate it, whereas the yarn just basks in it. There are some yarns you can barely feel, they’re so soft. As a spinner, I have three Gotland lamb fleeces which are just like that. Yum.)

    • I do love me some Noro – and i am definitely all about colour at the moment. It’s a cold day today, but the daffodils are in bloom. Spring IS coming.

  5. That skein queen yarn is beautiful, it’s got a great richness to it! Though spring is yet to arrive in my neck of the woods (Maine) I’m working on a transitional cardigan in a great burgundy DK weight from Swans Island. It’s been too long since I’ve gone to a fiber festival, but I always recall being exhausted afterward!

    • Transitional garments are super-important but I always forget to make them. Very good reminder..

  6. Just watched video on Japanese short rows and found it interesting and easy. Just one thing some of the moves had a shadow on them. Is there any chance of getting rid of the shadow as it would be much easier to see it.

    • Alas, I did not make the video so I cannot help you out there. I do know that Craftsy has a class on short rows, so that might work better for you?

  7. Carol Barclay on March 24, 2015 at 9:50 pm said:

    I’m knitting another Byatt – a present this time in OMA Seen the Ocean and Dreich 100% merino bought at EYF. Love the combination of colours and will need to do another for me in the same colours.

    • A Byatt in STO was inevitable, wasn’t it? Just kidding :) Cannot wait to see the finished result :)

  8. Hello,

    I think I came into the shop just as you were taking these pics. I was very impressed with the wall of Jamiesons colour too (and the shop in general).

    Sorry, was too shy to say hello!

    (and my mum and I were busy pawing over the sock yarns pretty quickly too :-)


  9. Loving your new site design! I know what you mean about chatting ‘yarn love’. I can loose hours doing the very same thing.

    • I thought it was time for a spring clean! And yarn HAS to be the best topic in the world.

  10. Lovely yarn.
    Darn, I just did the first sleeve in my hetty-cardigan. Must try the japanese short row on another project then;)
    I am knitting – a hetty cardigan and a linen stich scarf.- and then I am crochetting a couple of other projects. Lots to do!:)

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