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Girlfriend in a Coma

march09-068Kraków is not a great place to shop if you are into your crafts. I managed to track down a couple of pasmanteria (I have no idea how to pluralise the word – it means “haberdashery”) on Ul. Karmelicka, but the best one I found was on the corner of Ul. Królewska and Aleja Juliusza Słowackiego. I had to pass through a room of children’s clothes and another filled with children’s shoes before hitting the tiny pasmanteria.

I bought a few buttons using a lot of sign language, pointing at my cardigan’s buttons and speaking a hybrid between Russian, German and the few Polish words I knew. I wish I had known that the Polish word for “buttons” is guziki.

Dave has uploaded a few Kraków photos, by the way.

I’m now on my third day of resting after our little Polish adventure. I do not mention my health very often, but I wasn’t amused that I had to take painkillers yesterday just to get out of bed. I think today will be yet another slow day, but hopefully that means I will be back to normal tomorrow. Sometimes I really do regard my body as my enemy.

And thank you so, so much for the extraordinary response to my Heritage shawl.

3 Thoughts on “Girlfriend in a Coma

  1. Darth Ken on March 16, 2009 at 10:43 pm said:

    If the picture is of some of the buttons you bought I have to say that I find the purplish ones a little creepy … they look a little bit too much like eyes to me. Which is kinda freaky with buttons (I guess the buttons / eyes connection is an oft made one though, as eveidenced by several books, poems and pictures)

    And I am so sorry to hear about the painkillers. You so don’t deserve those! (Big hugs from dark and clammy Copenhagen!)

  2. Darth Ken on March 16, 2009 at 10:44 pm said:

    (and by “so don’t deserve” I of course meant that you don’t deserve the pain and badness, not that you don’t deserve the relief … sentences I cannot form today, yes?)

  3. I know, I know .. big hugs back right at ya. I miss you.

    And I think my buttons are cool! I went throught A LOT to get them there buttons!

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