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With Love From Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016..


I just waved goodbye to a good friend who had been teaching at EYF 2016 and was passing through Glasgow this morning. We never got a chance to connect during the festival itself – the weekend was hectic – so it was good to relax together for a few hours. This is what I both love and find so frustrating about fibre events: I get to see all these incredible people but I only meet them for a brief second.

Glimpses of connections. Fragments of conversations. Moments of meeting like-minded folks. I talked to Tori Seierstad on the bus about knitting local and Norwegian spinning mills. Donna Smith made a comment to me that made me think about knitting in a new light. Career advice was doled out (I both gave it and was on the receiving end – there will be a few changes going forward). I saw old friends and made new ones. And so many people I did not even know was there or that I missed seeing.

Never one for big crowds, I stayed away from the really big vendors – but the marketplace still felt really intense. So many lovely people! So much amazing knitwear! Such a buzz! It felt so exciting and so overwhelming. I was very thankful to have Mr D with me – not only does he love a good chat but he was also excellent at supplying me with coffee.


I think it will take a few more days for me to process EYF 2016. It was more international than ever – I felt this both in the Corn Exchange itself and certainly in my classes. It also felt more colourful – if that makes sense. Knitters were more stylish than ever and I saw so much incredible colourwork and colour combinations. I saw some incredible yarns up close – from undyed single-breed yarns where the vendor could tell me the name of the sheep to the high-end luxury blends with saturated colours. Orange and yellow were everywhere, but plant-dyed yarns were also pretty hot. Shawls dominated (so many Byatts! I loved them!) and socks were definitely less of a thing than they had been in previous years.

But mostly, like all EYFs, it is all about the people. I got to spend time with some very awesome people and it made me so very happy. Thank you Jo & Mica for another terrific year!

hey ladies

This is one of my favourite photos. We were very, very silly.
L-R: Larissa of Travelknitter, me high on yarn fumes, Helen of the Wool Kitchen, and Amelia of Woollen Words

7 Thoughts on “With Love From Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016..

  1. My first comment to you. I read you blog and love it so much! You look so happy and so cute in your yellow hat. I greatly admire you.
    Nancy P

  2. Amy C on March 22, 2016 at 6:53 pm said:

    Byatt – so beautiful! I didn’t get to go this year (hoping for next year), but there seemed to be so much energy surrounding the festival. Those fragmented moments of seeing but not having time to really connect to people sure is frustrating. I think you have to approach a fiber event with that in mind, and try to just enjoy all the excitement and enthusiasm swirling around.

  3. Sara W on March 22, 2016 at 7:19 pm said:

    It was my first EYF and my first yarn event. What a treat. It was lovely to meet such talented designers, dyers, spinners etc. I was such a geeky fan meeting you – love the blog and the patterns. And I came home and told the family that you took a photo of my hands holding yarn for a Frances Herself and there I am on your blog! Thanks for making my day on Friday and now again today.

  4. Lee Wittenstein on March 22, 2016 at 8:33 pm said:

    I’m sure I should know this, but what is the name of the shawl in the second photo above?

  5. Lovely to bump into you and say hello, even if it was only in passing. I have to ask – did you manage to pick up any of the Knitting Goddess’ fat quarters? I’m dying to see what you’ll make out of them. I bought a few – I’m thinking of doing a “swatch” quilt.

  6. Oh that’s interesting! I am wondering what comment that was!!! It would have been good to have longer to chat as there is so much to say – next time! X

  7. Sheena on March 23, 2016 at 1:34 pm said:

    Lovely meeting you at the EYF, Karie and showing you my ‘Byatt’. Thank you for the photo. Your friend, ‘Queen of Purls’ was very helpful when I bought ‘Scollay’.

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