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On Finding your Way Back to Making

I lost my voice, then I found it again. It is a true story (I had a cold over the holidays) but I think this is also true of most people’s crafting. We go through peaks and troughs where we fall in and out of love with making stuff. Sometimes we make stuff that feels true to us, other times we may work away at something but it doesn’t feel right.

Thanks to my day job of teaching workshops to creative people like you, I hear a lot of stories about falling in and out of love with making. I view making as a sort of story-telling: knitting a garment allows me to express myself and stitching the hem of a dress makes me imagine every stitch as a word. But sometime we run out of stories to tell and we lose our voices. We stop knitting the socks and squirrel away a half-finished shirt.

This narrative exhaustion is fine. Making will come back to you once you have stories inside of you again. Once you are energised enough to have words that will out through your fingers.

I lost my voice, then I found it again. I slept a lot, drank a lot of tea, wrapped up warm, and made sure I took care of my run-down body.

Practise self-care if you need to nurture your making: read books, go for walks, look at art, jump in puddles, and make big mugs of tea. Making is patient and will be there when you decide it is time to get back to your unfinished projects.

What are you planning for 2017?

4 Thoughts on “On Finding your Way Back to Making

  1. My crafty goal for 2017 is to accept that I can create and make without it being for a particular goal. I’ve been self-employed and happily running our own businesses for over 10 years now, but as a result, I’m permanently in work mode and everything I start is sub-consciously evaluated as a business opportunity.

    I need to learn to make just for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment, rather than for the purpose of a future business, otherwise I’ll go loopy.

    Let’s see if I can manage it!

  2. cassincork on January 9, 2017 at 4:28 pm said:

    Thanks, this is relevant to me at the moment as I head into week 4 of a chest infection – with a hat in front of me with only a couple of rows to go, but no energy to finish it off.

  3. Having just had a a year where I fell very much out of and then very much back into the making mode- this resonates with me a lot!

  4. I am currently feeling that way about writing. (Blogging, taking photos). I trust that it will come back and try not to kick myself around about not doing, for the moment, something that I love. Funny how these things work, isn’t it?
    Thank you for the lovely post.

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