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Twin Practices

Knitting, if acquired in youth becomes so mechanical an employment that the occupations of reading and knitting can be carried on simultaneously; while the benefit of early training in this work is felt in extreme old age, and when the sight is dim or lost, a pleasant creation is still open for the experienced knitter

– from “Myra’s Knitting Lessons. No.1” circa 1800

I still haven’t really mastered it – I find it easier to knit along to TV, films and podcasts. And thank you to Louise Scollay of KnitBritish for pointing me towards Myra’s Knitting Lessons. How marvellous.

9 Thoughts on “Twin Practices

  1. I can do it, but at the expense of my normally perfectly even, mistake free knitting. TV … I watch far to much Scandi stuff with subtitles for it ever to be possible!

  2. I can knit and read or watch tv providing what I’m making isn’t too complicated. Just looking at that book online, cool that one of the adverts in the front is for a wool company in Holmfirth.

  3. I’ve done it in the past with easier projects – and I find the use of a book stand indispensable!

  4. I knit and read quite a bit now that I have a kindle. Prior to that I was very much a paperback person which just didn’t work – needed more hands!

    • Prior to my Kindle, I actually read proper books. I tend to devour books uncritically if they are on my Kindle .. oh the shame!

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