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FAQ – Bag of Allsorts

I am travelling to Scotland soon! Can you recommend any must-visit places?

Hey, hope you’ll enjoy your time in Scotland – bring a raincoat! And I got you covered with my personal guide to knitterly Scotland.

I am travelling to Copenhagen, Denmark soon! Can you recommend any must-visit places?

The best place to ask for advice is the Copenhagen Knitters group on Ravelry – they are super-friendly and all speak/write excellent English.

I am interested in working with you on sponsored content. How can I reach you?

I don’t do sponsored content, sorry. Bear with me and read on.

If you have a knitting book, yarn or craft-related “something” that you think might interest me and my readership, do get in touch but please understand that I carry a strict policy on what I review and write about. I need to fall in love with something before I decide to write about it. If I do fall in love with your knitting book/yarn/something, I will write a disclaimer stating I received a copy for review purposes. That is just how it goes.

So, if you want to pitch me a sponsored post about vodka, mascara or lingerie, I am probably not the blog you are looking for. Border Collie sheepherding posters? Let’s talk.

I am looking for an internship. Can you help me out?

I am not looking for interns at the moment, sorry. Best of luck!

I wrote you yesterday and I only received an auto-reply! How can I know if you got my email and when can I expect an answer?

Great news! if you got an auto-reply from me, you definitely got the right inbox!

My office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-4 (I live in the UK, so adjust accordingly). I do get a lot of email, so please be patient if you don’t hear back within a day or so. I aim to answer most queries within a week, but sometimes it takes longer depending upon the query and whether I am out travelling (in which case my auto-reply will reflect that).

The auto-reply contains some helpful links if you have a pattern query, so please take time to read it!

I asked you a question on social media but you didn’t reply!

Please contact me using this contact form!

Unfortunately it is very easy for questions and queries to ‘get lost’ on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc). As a result I do not answer pattern queries on social media. Likewise, I am not able to answer any knitting queries unrelated to my own patterns.

Please compile all your queries into one message and send it to me. This enables me to keep track of all the details and I can hopefully resolve it much quicker.

Remember to include the name of the pattern you are knitting and add as many details as you can. Thank you!

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