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Hey, I’m Karie Westermann. Good to meet you!


I live in Glasgow, Scotland but am originally from Denmark, a small Scandinavian country.

I usually describe my day job as ‘doing things with wool and words’! I am a knitwear designer and also teach knitting/crochet classes anywhere from Belfast to Brighton. It is such a privilege to be a small part of other people’s making lives: every time I see someone excited about a new technique or wearing one of my designs, I feel so honoured.

A less visible part of my job is that I support other knitting professionals as a copy editor and a (very occasional) technical editor. I also write articles for magazines and provide professional hand-knitting advice for museums, universities and other institutions.

My work combines my twin loves of storytelling and craft. I am a big believer in textiles being more than just something that keeps us warm. Textiles are social commentary and social history. I am passionate about Knit Local, sustainable fashion, slow fashion, and the making of an everyday wardrobe. I am also interested in exploring further afield: my Doggerland collection was inspired by Mesolithic archaeology, land art and psychogeography. Knitting is never ‘just knitting’!

Occasionally I do relax! I like biking, Eurovision, dogs, pub quizzes, 90s UK indie music, art galleries, dress-making, reading books (favourites include David Mitchell, Margaret Atwood and A.S. Byatt) and scoffing Middle-Eastern food. I’m super-interested in early 20 century culture (Russian Constructivism, yay), artists’ books, New Zealand, and I love Star Wars. (I am well aware I’m a walking cliche at times. Yes, I like foraging too.)


The portfolio of clients and collaborations keeps changing and expanding. Here’s a small sample of the people & companies I’ve worked with:

You can keep up to date with me via Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Ravelry.

Contact me directly via this contact form.

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