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FAQ – Pattern Support

I am knitting one of your one-skein shawl patterns and I’ve run out of yarn with rows yet to knit!

I design my shawl patterns so I have at least 15% left of the yardage when I cast off. This “buffer” is meant to safeguard against knitters running out of yarn but unfortunately I cannot guarantee you won’t run out of yarn. Typically, you might run out of yarn if you are a loose knitter or if you are knitting from a skein that is less than the advertised 100g. Remember to check your gauge and weigh your skein before you start any project!

I purchased a pattern from you but I don’t know how to read charts!

Most of my patterns include written instructions as well as charts although some older patterns are charts-only. I think lace charts are marvellous but I understand not everybody likes them. I have written a series of lace chart tutorials that you may find useful:

Lace Charts 1: The Anatomy of a Lace Chart
Lace Charts 2 – How to Read a Basic Chart
Lace Charts 3: How to Read a Shawl Chart
Lace Charts 4: Chart Tricks & Knitting Hacks

Your pattern only contains one side of the shawl. How do I work the other?

Hey, I wrote Lace Charts 1: The Anatomy of a Lace Chart just for you! This tutorial tells you all you need to know about turning a single chart into a full-blown shawl. You might find my whole lace tutorial series helpful and you can find the additional links both right above this section and in the tutorial I just linked.

What kind of yarn should I use for this pattern? I don’t know the yarn used and I want to substitute it. Can you recommend me a yarn available in my local knitting shop?

One of the best thing about the knitting site Ravelry is that you can use it to find good yarn substitutions. Go to the pattern you want to make and click the tab called yarn ideas (it is the second tab from the left). There you can find suggestions based on the yarns that others have used.

You can also search for the yarn I have used to make the pattern and learn more about it. The yarn page contains information about meterage, fibre composition, gauge, and weight. You can also ask in my Ravelry group where people from around the world are eager to suggest yarns and fibres. This is extra helpful because I am not always familiar with your local brands (I live in the UK).

I found a mistake in your pattern!

Many, many apologies! All patterns are scrutinised by both myself and a professional technical editor before publication. However, sometimes mistakes do happen despite our best efforts.

If you found a mistake in one of my self-published patterns check you have the latest version of the pattern in your Ravelry library and also check the errata page on this website. If that doesn’t help, please get in touch with me! I will et back to you as soon as possible. My office hours are normally Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-4.

If it is a pattern published in a magazine or a book, please contact the publisher.

I bought your pattern but I didn’t receive it!

All purchases via Ravelry and LoveKnitting are automated and you will have been sent an email by those companies explaining how to download the pattern. Check your spam folder to see if the pattern is there. Also be mindful that your PayPal email address may differ from your usual one, so make sure you check the right inbox! If you still have problems downloading the pattern, please contact the help desk at either Ravelry or LoveKnitting.

I bought your pattern but I cannot print it!

A good place to start is to check the manual. Also make sure you have paper in your printer. If that doesn’t help, contact your printer company’s technical support team.

I love [NAME OF PATTERN] but I don’t knit! Will you release it as a crochet pattern?
I love [NAME OF PATTERN] but I want it as a hat/gloves/shawl/cowl/cardigan/jumper/legwarmers/socks! Could you please send me the pattern for that?

Sorry, I work to a really tight design schedule with pattern releases reaching far into the future and I do not take on custom work.

I love [NAME OF PATTERN] and I want to knit it up to sell at craft fairs/I want to use it for charity! Can I do that? 

Please get in touch with me! I’d need to know which pattern you want to use and how you intend to use it. Some patterns have restricted use for various reasons, unfortunately. If you want to knit for charity, I have several free patterns you can use:

Florence Scarf
Larisa Scarf
Seaforth Hat

I donated the Eyre Shawl pattern to the p/hop charity, so have a look at that one as well.

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