The Hygge - Knit the Things You Love to Wear collection celebrates a truly Scandinavian concept that means “a feeling of comfort, cosiness, and happiness”. The collection contains five small projects all relating to aspects of hygge – from spending quality time with good friends to drinking a mug of hot chocolate after a long, cold day. The knitting patterns are all small accessories that use between one and two skeins of Nordic yarns. A collaboration with Midwinter Yarns.



The large triangular shawl is named after the Swedish “fika” custom - you take a moment out of your busy life to slow down over a cup of coffee and spend some time catching your breath. You can fika by yourself, but it’s even better with friends (and baked goods).

The Fika shawl features an all-over leaf motif and a deep moss stitch border. Aimed at intermediate knitters, the shawl is both charted and knitted. It is worked in a rustic Nordic yarn and the sizing is easy to modify.


In Scandinavia you are never far from the sea - something the Vikings used to their advantage over a thousand years ago. “Brygga”means ‘jetty’ in Swedish and the cowl draws its inspiration from the sunny, yet chilly hours whiled away on jetties trying half-heartedly to catch fish and watching the horizon.

The cowl is knitted in a bulky yarn with great stitch definition. It is a super-quick, super-satisfying knit that will keep the sea breeze away. The pattern is both written and charted. Brygga is aimed at beginner knitters and upwards.


The fingerless mitts are named after the Danish Sunday pastime of heading into the woods - the name translates literally to ‘forest trip’.

The mitts have bands of stylised Nordic colourwork patterns and a knitted-on thumb gusset. They are easy to customise - make them as long or short as you like - and use two colours of a warm Nordic wool.

Perfect for a brisk walk through the woods.



Tryghed is Danish for “feeling safe, secure and comfortable”.

It is a one-skein hat with a striking crown formed by converging rib patterns. The various ribbed patterns used throughout Tryghed ensure a great and easy fit - you may choose to use the hat as a beanie or block it out as a semi-beret (as shown).


Top Hygge

Top Hygge is a slouchy hat knitted in the round. It features an easy lace pattern and a cheeky pompom on top.

Top Hygge is Danish slang for when things cannot get much happier or more relaxed. The photos were shot during a chilled-out picnic in one of my favourite green spaces - a flask of hot chocolate, some yummy sandwiches and a picnic blanket in a sunny spot .. now that is top hygge!