Workshop FAQ


I want to attend one of your workshops, but you never teach where I live!

The best way to get Karie to do a workshop in your local shop or at your local festival is to ask! Tell your yarn shop owner and/or festival organiser about her and ask them to get in touch with us. Karie is more than happy to travel!


Can I book you for a one-to-one session or workshop?

Karie is not available for individual appointments or one-to-one workshops.


I see you are teaching nearby! I want to take you out for coffee or lunch!

It’s a lovely idea but not possible as Karie does not have time to do other activities outside of teaching and travelling.


I have booked one of your workshops. What should I bring?

Your yarn shop owner will have a list of materials you will need to bring. Apart from what is on that list, just bring yourself and a big smile! Oh, and if you have knitted any of Karie's patterns, she'd love to see the finished object!


I am interested in booking you for a workshop. What’s your availability?

Please get in touch and we can discuss in detail.


What kind of workshops do you teach, what is your class capacity and how much does it cost to book you?

We have a workshop programme that yarn shop owners/festival organisers/museum events organisers can receive upon request. Upon reached agreement, organisers will gain access to a Dropbox folder containing all the information they need to organise the workshop. 

Karie has more than 15 years’ experience teaching at all levels, and she is comfortable teaching everything from 2 people to 25 people.

Handouts will be provided for all classes and printed patterns may be included at wholesale prices. Karie will usually bring a suitcase full of samples which class participants can try on and squish as they wish.

Workshops fees depend upon class size, specific class taught, and travel.

Please note that Karie lives in Glasgow, Scotland. This may mean extra travel time and a need for overnight accommodation.