Pattern Errata

Despite my best efforts, sometimes mistakes do sneak into my patterns. Apologies!



Any versions released prior to 2017 (including printed patterns and the Doggerland collection) has a wrong increase row.

The increase row should read: *k3, m1, k4, m1; rep from * end. 108 sts

Tenement Tiles:

An increase in rnd 31 is been left out (after you finish working the corrugated rib cuff).

Rnd 31: M1, k to end. 51 (61) 71 sts

All subsequent stitch counts need an extra stitch added.


The printed patterns have an error in the written instructions. The printed pattern has you working a stitch too much on some rounds before ending the round. The correct instructions read:

Rnds 16, 18, 20 and 22: k119, EOR


The printed patterns have errors in the written instructions.

For the Body, on the first RS row after Chart A, the second stitch marker should be placed BEFORE the p2tog.

The written instructions for Chart B, row 8 should read “purl to end.”


The printed patterns have an error in the written instructions.

The correct Buttonhole row 2 should read:

Buttonhole row 2: [p1, k1] twice,  [p1, k1, CO 2 sts] three times, [k1, p1] twice.



The pattern in the Wool Tribe magazine has a chart error. The Ravelry PDF is correct.

Chart A should have three extra rows:



The stitch count for size 1X when joining the yoke and the sleeves is incorrect. The correct numbers are:

Now join sts to work yoke as outlined below by knitting across sts in the following sequence: left front, pm, sleeve, pm, back, pm, sleeve, pm, right front. - (- , -, -, 335, -, -) sts

Yoke Shaping Rnd 1: *k to 3 sts bef marker, k2tog, k 1, sm, k1, ssk; rep from * another 3 times, k to end.

Yoke Shaping Rnd 2: knit.

- (-, -, -, 327, -, -) sts

Work Yoke Shaping Rnds 1 and 2 another - (-, -, -, 2, -, -) times. - (-, -, -, 311, -, -) sts

Work - (-, -, -, 15, -, -) rnds in st st.


Chart C showed incorrect decreases on rows 51, 57, and 59. Please follow the correct chart below.

Errata Chart C.png