The Scollay cardigan is a bottom-up cardigan with lace details at the bottom rib, wrists and yoke. It is designed to be an easy-to-wear cardigan and is knitted in a beautifully heathered Scottish yarn.

The pattern is both fully charted and written out. It includes a schematic and tips on how to modify fit.

Scollay is named after Shetland podcaster Louise Scollay who champions local wool producers and rustic yarns on her podcast, Knit British. 


Vinterskov (da: winter forest) is a pullover designed to keep you warm and cosy whenever the sun is far away. It has extra-long sleeves for that irresistible sweater-paw look, seamless construction, a very casual fit, and an easy colourwork yoke.

The pullover draws heavily upon Nordic knitting traditions: the yoke construction is a standard Icelandic yoke, the colourwork design mixes the Norwegian lusekofte tradition with a motif borrowed by another Norwegian knitting tradition, the Selbu mitten. A small-batch Danish yarn only adds to this pullover’s Nordic roots.