I like techniques that are straightforward and easy to remember. The German Short Row (GSR) technique is one of my favourite short rows method. GSR has many steps, but the execution is extremely easy and effective. 


German short Rows - Right side


1. Knit to where your pattern tells you to start your GSR. 


2. Turn your work, so you are looking at the WS. 


3. With WS facing, slip a stitch purlwise from the left-hand needle to the right-hand needle. Make sure you keep the yarn in front of your fabric. 


4. Pull the working yarn over the right-hand needle to the back of your work (the RS). This action will make the slipped stitch look distorted or double — as though it were actually two stitches rather than just one. Keep counting this as one stitch, even if it looks like two. 


5. Bring yarn forward between the two needles. Begin purling, making sure the tension is a bit tighter for the first four stitches. Work as specified in your pattern.


6. When on the RS again, work to where the distorted/double stitch is. Remember, it's still just one stitch, even if it looks like two (I've circled it for you). 


7. Insert your needle through the whole bunched-up stitch and work it as a k2tog as though it were two stitches.


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