A Woolly Head

This is how a sewage pumping station looks in my city. Pretty cool, no? I had no idea it was still in use, but apparently so. I pass it every time I am heading towards the 78 or the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. Mi ciudad es bella. But I mention the Sewage Station because the other night I had a vivid, odd and pretty cool dream about opening a yarn shop in that particular building (blatantly disregarding the fact that a) there's a funky smell in that little corner of Glasgow and b) it is a freaking big building for a modest little business proposal).I had even named the shop, Riverworks Wool, and had begun planning the inventory in my head.

As it is, my local yarn shop is a boutique with all it entails: exotic brands such as Habu (stainless steel yarn! paper yarn!), vegan yarn (nettle! hemp!), angora produced by one guy on Orkney and interesting indie dyers such as Old Maiden Aunt and Fyberspates. Buying a sweater's worth of yarn would set you back at least £85 ($120) .. if you could find enough skeins of one wool, that is. It is a place to peruse and maybe buy a few skeins for a luxurious scarf rather than a yarn shop you rush-visit because you have just seen a gorgeous sweater you have to knit.

Obviously my head had that on the agenda the other night as Riverworks Wool (sans smell) stocked workhorse yarns as well as luxury yarn (and a little tea+ cake section). It was packed full of the Garnstudio/DROPS range which is basic, decent workhorse yarn in a multitude of colours at a decent price. I had a fair selection of worsted-weight yarns (like Cascade 220 and Berroco Ultra Alpaca) as well as a substantial sock yarn selection (because I'd want to keep Paula happy?). Add to that, Malabrigo, Kauni, Hanne Falkenberg kits and Amimono ..

.. it is one of those things which continues to puzzle me. My mother's yarn shop in rural Denmark manages to stock most of the things I mentioned above plus the entire design.club.dk wool range, Italian, Norwegian and German yarns, and also the lovely Rowan yarns . If my mum's little town of 30,000 people can support such a yarn shop, why wouldn't Glasgow be able to? I don't think I shall ever get tired of this little rant.


Speaking of yarn shops, I found this Faroese online yarn shop yesterday. It is very, very difficult to remember that I am on a strict yarn diet. Look at this cardigan! Or this cute girl's dress! My Faroese is .. well, non-existant .. but it being a Scandinavian language, I can make out that a 1kg cone of beautiful worsted-weight lambswool would set me back £50 and it comes in, oh, 30 colours.

I'm not buying yarn, I'm not buying yarn, I'm not buying yarn.. although I have finished three projects thus far this month. Hmm..

Addendum: Isn't this Hanne Falkenberg cardigan the most divine ting you have ever seen?