That Friday Feeling - Knitting Included

May 2015 321 I came across this shop sign whilst I was away in Yorkshire. It tickled my funny bone as I thought about all my gin-loving friends. Well, today is Friday.. !

A round-up of all things knitterly and not.

  • Less Is More. A blog post from Nordic Bakery in London had me sit up straight. The post argues that we don't need 37 different coffee blends, a wifi connection, and 'soothing' background music. We need a calm space that shelters us from the chaos of life. I used my Yorkshire retreat as a digital detox. I can really recommend that.
  • My good friend Ben Wilson is appearing at Etsy's Manmade event in London on June 13. The lovely Ben is talking about constructed masculinity, craftsMANship, and gender in the handmade world. Tickets are £5 - I'd love to go but I have to settle for re-reading Ben's article on the novelty of male knitters (first published in Mollie Makes).
  • Speaking of London, the Great London Yarn Crawl is back for its third year. This year it's taking place on September 5. This year it comes with an added Pop-Up Marketplace which sounds really exciting - I heard a few whispers about the sort of Very Nice Stuff to expect.
  • Oh, and I was interviewed for the Yarn in the City podcast about lifestyle and knitting (which is how I heard the aforementioned whispers about the Very Nice Stuff).
  •  More Very Nice Stuff: Brityarn has finally opened its doors. Isla Davison is incredibly passionate about provenance and local wool producers - I have had a couple of conversations with Isla and it's fantastic to see someone with a very clear direction and vision do what she really believes in.
  • Heather has written a great blog post about struggling with and reclaiming her creative identity. Going back to the very first blog post I linked today, I think we are under such bombardment of Clutter and Noise that finding our own creative voice can be hard. I really like Heather's blog post. it is beautiful.

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