Making A Big Decision

bookprep Late last week I made a big decision. It had been brewing in my head for some time, but I finally said the words out loud: "I am going to make a book." I have no idea how exactly this is going to happen, but I am going to make a book.

This I do know:

  • the topic
  • the design vocabulary I am going to use
  • it's a book that will combine patterns and essays
  • my colour palette (yes, there's a secret moodboard)

I am also sure about these things:

  • the yarn support
  • the technical editor
  • the photographer(s)
  • the art direction
  • the sources I will use

I learned a lot from doing the Doggerland e-book which is why I know I will be doing things differently this time. Doggerland was so, so much work for me because I was learning on the job - and I was doing pretty much everything myself (with the admirable help of my partner). This time I want to delegate a bit more, so this book won't take me three years to complete. I also want to get some people on-board that are far better at certain things than I am.

  • book layout
  • distribution
  • random arse-kicking (because I designed over 25 pieces for the 8-piece Doggerland e-book thanks to useless bouts of perfectionism)

Now all that's left is to figure out how to make this work as I balance doing all this with my other work commitments. I have plans. Plans with action points.

Anyway, I have joined the 21st century and acquired a smartphone. I am now on Instagram if you fancy keeping up with my day-to-day existence - do say hello.