A Little Something


I've begun looking back at the year now almost over. I'll be writing about all my knitting adventures soon, so stay tuned for that. However, 2015 was a hard year in many ways that has nothing to do with knitting, friends, or family. It was a year that worried me and made me want to spread kindness and beauty. And so as we make our way towards the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere, celebrate the return of light and look towards a new year, I thought I'd do something a bit unusual (for me).


I don't usually do sales and discounts - I don't like buying something only to find it cheaper the next day and I'm not a fan of the whole "tag five of your friends, follow me on 17 different social media accounts and tell me a secret about yourself" spiel. I am too old and grumpy for that! However, I do want to celebrate we are nearing the end of a tough year. So, without any further ado..

The first pattern is Chinese Kites.


I won't be updating this blog everyday with the new patterns and codes, so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram. You don't need to follow me as such. I am just posting the pattern names and codes those two places. If you do follow, it makes it easier to keep up with the annnouncements (and I would love for you to say hello too if you are a long-time lurker).

'll be back soon with my look back at 2015 and a sneak peek at what 2016 will bring. I'll also share my favourite makes of 2015, designs that caught my eye, and what I hope 2016 will bring (apart from kindness, light, and open hearts which I definitely think we all need).