Help Me Out

april-007 I have no idea what this will become although I'm thinking "strange necklace" or "very strange necklace". I just liked the colour combination of the turquoise waxed cotton and the matte red beads. I have some big opaque white beads too which I think might also make an interesting necklace. I don't tend to wear much jewellery, so this is certainly a departure for me. Regular readers might have spotted that I am dealing with persistent medical matters and that I tend to visit doctors and/or hospitals with alarming frequency (actually, there is nothing alarming about the medical matters but I prefer not to blog about very personal things. I never was a confessional blogger). Anyway, this week I was advised by my NHS person to relax as much as possible in the weeks to come and, I quote, "watch some trashy TV and read crap books".


Trashy TV: I don't think I will ever be able to stomach this. I tried watching some nonsense "middle-age female TV presenter investigates cosmetic surgery" programme yesterday but I only lasted ten minutes before switching to G20 coverage on BBC News. Is there a trashy TV programme which I would potentially enjoy? Recommendations for standard UK networks (remember, I'm in Scotland).

Crap books: Granted the actual words were "light reading which won't rot your brain but won't tax you either" but the gist is certainly crap books. Any recs? I think I'd prefer historical fiction, regency romances, fantasy or crime novels set in the early 20th C, but I'm open to suggestions. I'm not keen on contemporary chick lit, hard-boiled crime novels or writers who have graphic sex scenes every 18th pages or less (Laurell K. Hamilton, I'm looking at you in utter disgust).

Today I trawled through the seedy secondhand shops in Glagow's Partick area and managed to pick up 9 books for less than £5 plus a fabulous knitting magazine from 1983 with hilarious sweater patterns, stress-inducing lace socks and a curtain for the auto-camper..  and the beads you see in the photo. I tried to go for "crap books" but sadly I ended up with mostly Booker prize nominees and post-colonial classics. I clearly need recommendations.