Welcome to Pig Island

Radiant Copenhagen (via) is both most most fascinating and disturbing thing I have seen in a long time.

Global warming has flooded the tunnels of the Christianshavn part of the Copenhagen metro network. Now the metro is occupied by whales and the occasional diver. Other strange things are happening to Copenhagen too.

This scenario is part of an elaborate and whimsical futurist mapping project called Radiant Copenhagen. If you navigate around the Copenhagen city map created by people working on the project, you'll discover information about everything from bizarre new venereal diseases (..) to a crucial research organization called the Center of Improbability and Invisibility.

Looking at a well-known shopping centre and seeing what happens to it in RC's alternative history feel like .. it feels very probable and thus completely freaky.

I realise that I might be extraordinarily swayed by RC because Copenhagen was my home for more than a decade. I know the streets and buildings. I recognise the political satire in some of the outlandish events (like what happens to the University). I even recognise some of the contributors' names. Still, you don't need to know Copenhagen to get a big kick out of Radiant Copenhagen. It's bizarre, trippy and maybe the most involving online "game" I've seen in a long time. Enjoy.