Five Things I Have Learned Recently

Don't you just love lists? I do.

+ Mattel has made The Birds Barbie. It's brilliant. (thank you Darth Ken)

+ Wordle is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It even makes Spandau Ballet seem cool.

+ I have finally found a food item that I simply cannot abide.

The falooda we bought at today's Glasgow Mela bore an unfortunate resembles to worms bathing in strawberry milkshake with added (pink) tadpoles. I think we were unlucky because all the falooda recipes online have very yummy photos. How did it taste? The kulfi was delicious but I couldn't really cope with the rest of it..

+ I can knit quite awesome shawls and watch football at the same time. Both my teams are out, alas.

+ This is how stormtroopers are made. They're not space soldiers of Maori descent - no, they're Danish!