Love Letters

Don't you just love waking up to little hand-written notes left by your Other Half?

The computer was acting funny this morning - I couldn't get as far as logging in - it said there was a CPU overheat. Nothing works. Have a lovely day.

So pre-coffee I had to open the cabinet, take out a defunct harddisk (it's been dead for months), fiddle with wires and finally clean out the clogged-up cooler. I suspect that my vague plans of getting a PC upgrade have just become significantly less vague (although I think getting a new cooler and investing in a bit of RAM might just do it for now).

Plans for my Denmark trip are taking shape. Apart from visiting my mum's local yarn shop (which remains the most mind-blowing LYS I have ever seen), I'm thinking of also visiting Salina (which combines a "homegrown" wool business with Cavalier King Charles puppies!), Jorun Garn (big on Icelandic and Faroese yarn) and the Handler haberdashery. Oh, and watching the Eurovision Song Contest with my friends. Huzzah!