But Then Again..

I could show you a photo of my recently started Ishbel, but I ripped it out ten minutes ago when I realised that dark wool + lace knitting + stressed Ms Bookish = constantly being two stitches short (and then having three stitches too much). I could show you a picture of my recently completed cardigan which is so pretty, so soft and so green, but my personal Official Photographer guy has been busy and a photo shoot won't happen until the weekend.

I could show you my latest yarn acquisition, but 2400 yrds of cream laceweight lambswool on a cone? Not that photogenic.

I could show you my shopping list for Denmark, but my mind keeps changing at the moment. Do I really need more laceweight - even if it's Faroese or Icelandic? Do I want to lose my cool over the Danish 40% sale on practically all DROPS yarns which is going on throughout May? Do I want an Amimono kit or a Geilsk kit? And what about trying new brands (to me) like Karen Noe (click on "kvalitetsgarn") or Marianne Svit? But do I actually need more yarn?

I really need a holiday.