FO: Abigail

july09 103To be honest, I thought it would take me longer to knit this little cardigan and that I'd have plenty of work-in-progress pictures, but I started and finished this little cardigan within twenty-four hours. I think it is a new record. Abigail is my own pattern - straight from my head through my fingers and into a finished garnment. While I have a few things I want to change (the buttonband bugs me a bit, for instance), I'm happy with the way it turned out. I'm also very, very pleased that the cardigan used less than 150 yrds of DK weight yarn. Stash buster, anyone?

As previously mentioned, I used Patons Washed Haze DK which is a cotton-blend. I'm thinking that Garnstudio's Muskat would make a lovely substitute as would their Merino Extra Fine (I'm on a bit of a Garnstudio trip at the moment, so excuse me). I used 4mms bamboo needles and some wooden buttons I found in my stash.

And Abigail? Abbie lives in my building. She is one month old and very, very pretty. I hope her mother will like the cardigan - I have sized it so wee Abbie should get plenty of use out of it in the months to come. I'm now going to reknit the cardigan for another little girl (this time in Denmark).