Future Plans Unveiled. No World Domination. Yet.

One of these days I'm going to knuckle down, find the copy of WordPress for Dummies that Auntie M. gave me for Christmas*, recover the password for my webhost and do another installation of WP on the second SQL server.

(* WP was messing me about at that point. Possibly the three-hospitals-in-11-days thing didn't help either. So I bought that book with Auntie M's usual book voucher. I'm not sure the book did me any good but the hospital visits became less frequent and certainly not as dramatic. Unexpected side-effect.)

See, I am really getting into this weird and wonderful world of fibre arts knitting. I have stories to tell about projects, interactions with other knitters, yarn photos and all that. And I don't really want to fling it all on 4th Edition because my brain isn't compartmentalised like that. So I want a knitting blog. Oh yes. Hosted by myself, of course. And you people who are yet to be smitten by my enthusiasm can avoid reading about knitting. And I'll be writing scores of fascinating entries about lace patterns, knitting podcasts and buying yarn. For people who'll appreciate it

Deadline for myself: end of August. Baby steps. Any links to WP-on-2nd server baby steps much appreciated.