It has been a long week, it really has. This week we had overseas visitors which was a lot of fun, but I juggled their visit with jury duty which was an exercise in futility. I particularly enjoyed being called in Thursday only to be informed that they had made a mistake and I was to meet Friday - and I really loved Friday when I showed up and was told that they were starting a case which was to last well into next week. Oh, and Friday they also took my knitting needles off me for no apparent reason (seeing as they had allowed them Monday through to Thursday). And, no, I wasn't selected for any juries at any stage.

Praise be for well-deserved naps, lovely friends, lazing about in my pyjamas, meeting up with my partner's parents, getting interesting books at a fraction of their value, coffee and cakes, bag-sized umbrellas, almost being finished with an unsatisfactory project, my patient partner, being able to say I will not finish reading a certain book, making important phone calls, antique fairs, and quietude.

Here I come, Monday, and may the next week be a great deal gentler..