My Army of Birds & Gulls

sept09 071 Tomorrow is a Finished Object day, but today you are getting a New Object! It is the February Beret knitted up in New Lanark Donegal Tweed DK in the russet colourway. It is an easy pattern - particularly if you have made the February baby sweater or the February lady sweater as you will already be familiar with gull lace stitch. (Incidentally, the gull lace stitch inspired me to call my hat "My Army of Birds & Gulls" which is the name of a very, very good song by a now defunct NZ band, Betchadupa.)

I am actually not a huge fan of this particular yarn. I adore the pure wool New Lanark yarns, but the silk/wool yarns seem like they have randomly added cheap silk nupps to the base yarn. The russet colourway falls particularly victim to this as the lilac silk nupps clash horribly with the orange-red wool.  It has a strange feel to it too.

Future Projects, then. Knitting friends believe that I will go mad if I attempt NaKnitSweMoDo (National Knit a Sweater a Month Dodecathon) and since they know my knitting ways better than most people, I trust their judgement. But I have imagined projects in my head that I want desperately to make into solid knitted objects:

  • I have one particular pullover in mind that I want to knit. It will be black but with interesting, colourful and sparse detailing. It's one of those from the top of my head, so I cannot link you to any pattern.
  • As you will see tomorrow, I have finished my first colourwork-yoked project and I want to make another - but make it an entirely different experience in another yarn. I'll need to think hard about this one.
  • A sign of impending madness perhaps, but I want to knit an ultra-feminine pullover in something akin to KidSilk Haze. Ultra-feminine and possibly vintage pattern?
  • Rosamund's Cardigan is my obsession du jour. I have many modifications in mind - including the ever-present "long sleeves!" modification which goes without saying if you live in Scotland. Another one to ponder.
  • And now something which may shock some, but I'm going to rip out my first-ever pullover (Rav link) and reknit the yarn into something that I will actually like wearing. Seeing as we're talking Noro Kureyon yarn here, the shape will need to be super-simple to make the colours really pop.

And those are just the first five things...