Little Women & Werewolves

Yes, the classic "Little Women" has fallen prey to the publishing trend that started with "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". Joy. I never read the Austen-goes-supernatural novel.  I mean, I still have issues with casting Colin Firth as Darcy in that BBC mini-series, so imagine what issues I'd have suddenly encountering zombies in the midst of Pemberley! Anyway, the synopsis of "Little Women" reads thusly:

In this retelling of Louisa May Alcott's classic, the beloved little women must keep not just the wolf, but the werewolves, from the door...and the kindly old gentlemen next door and his grandson may have some secrets to hide — or share with the March girls.

There is a silver lining, though. On io9, commentators have fun trying to come up with the next installments in this classics-goes-monstrous trend and they're really quite funny:

  • A Sentimental Education of Vampires
  • Canterbury Tales from the Crypt
  • Uncle Tom's Kraken
  • Love in the Time of Cthulu
  • The Barchester Martian Chronicles
  • The Handmaid's Tail

Can anyone come up with a synopsis for any of these?