Once Upon A Time: Liesl

oct 09 096Once upon a time there was a really, really popular pattern called Liesl. Liesl was made by everyone in all sorts of yarns, sizes and colours. This knitter did not think of knitting Liesl because a lacy, if woolly, cardigan would not keep her warm. Besides, the sleeved versions of Liesl always looked just a tiny bit off and the knitter imagined that the garterstitch ridges in the pattern might chaff her delicate elbows (which she has a habit of resting on the table).

Then one sunny afternoon the knitter decided to knit something out of a lonely skein of Malabrigo Worsted. She wanted to knit something substantial for, lo, the object would not be for her. And that is when the knitter came across Liesl, looked at the required yardage and decided to make a little cardigan.

And the knitter and Liesl became very good friends very fast.

oct 09 095In fact, the knitter made this little green Liesl over two nights and loved the project so much that she decided to sacrifice three of her favourite vintage buttons (metal, handpainted, probably 1930s) which she had found at an antiques fair.

The knitter was rather sad, though. She had knit a 34" version of Liesl and was amazed at how quickly such a small size was knitting up. "Why do I not have a 34" bust," the knitter wondered whilst she dunked another biscuit into her milky and sugary tea, "because such a small size makes knitting so much quicker. Imagine how many more projects I could finish! And the yardage is ridiculous!" She contemplated giving up biscuits and milky tea, but she had sacrificed enough that afternoon.

The knitter was also very sad because Liesl was not to be hers. Liesl would go out into the world soon. The knitter suddenly craved a charming little top she could just throw on top of dresses and girly tops. She wanted her own Liesl. And so the knitter went through her stash once more. There were many contenders vying to be the knitter's very own Liesl, but she did not love any of them. Then a thought came to her..

.. to be continued (although Ravellers can catch a sneak peak on the knitter's projects page)..