FO: My Grandmother's Shawl

oct 09 132Yes, I do knit a lot at the moment, don't I? My grandmother's shawl is finished after just a few weeks (during which I also knit three tops - I feel slightly faint just by writing that) and I think the shawl is a bonafide success.

I knit an upsized version of the ever-popular Swallowtail shawl and I used approximately half a hank of Old Maiden aunt merino/silk.

(Full disclosure: I'm very, veryย  good friends with Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt - but this is possibly the best laceweight yarn I have worked with. It blocks out beautifully and the handdyed colours blend together in a really stunning way. I'm so pleased)

Instead of nupps, I used two tubes of amethyst beads from Glasgow's The Bead Company. It was my first time combining beads and knitting and it was an enjoyable learning process. Admittedly I think beads veer too close to "bling" for my taste, but I think they work in this context. I also rediscovered my love of lace knitting which had been cast in doubt by my botched Percy shawl. I have actually signed up to "going cold sheep" on buying more laceweight until I have knitted up at least 5,000 yrds (so that leaves another nine shawls, yikes), so it is very good to have my lace mojo back.

And nowย  I have nothing on my needles! Okay, I have Pine and I think I've uncovered my problems with this project. Quite apart from vague, vague instructions and possibly being short on yarn, I am knitting with oiled yarn from a cone and I just don't like the feel or smell. In the future, I'll take Laila's comments onboard (link in Danish) and wash the yarn pre-knitting. I have one sleeve, the yoke and the buttonband to go. Not long, not long.

Tonight I'm going to cast on for Topstykke which is apparently a mindless knit once you get past row four. I'm also going to uncover yarn for my Other Half's sweater (which is going to be an own design). And maybe find another lace pattern for the cold sheep thing. I'm always slightly neurotic when I have nothing on my needles..

.. and sorry about the photo. It is a dreich day here in Western Scotland and I am coming down with a cold.