A Work In Progress

nov09 072Remember how I angsted* over knitting my partner a pullover? I just need to do the sleeves now and I'm halfway in love with how this self-designed pullover works. David picked out the yarn himself (New Lanark Aran, a local organic wool, in the Bramble colourway) and said he would prefer a round yoke. The body was knit in stocking stitch in less than a week (hurrah! amazing what a mild flu can make me accomplish) and then this weekend I began working on the yoke.

My first take on the yoke was inspired by Danish fishermen ganseys. I loved the idea of combining Scottish wool and Danish knitting traditions, and so bands of textures travelled up the yoke. David tried on the pullover and we were both horrified by how heavy and unbalanced the yoke looked. Back to the drawing board.

The second take is what you see in the photo. I calculated a slip-stitch pattern which would work with the decreases and added stripes of leftover Noro Kureyon. The colourway may not have been the best match as some of the stripes really pop and others blend in, but overall I really like the effect. I'm particularly proud of the subtle texture of the slipped stitches. It looks really ace all the way round.

I'm thinking I might have to nick the yoke pattern for a pullover of my own, although how tragic would it be to knit "his'n'hers" pullovers?

Wardrobe Re-Fashion is hit-and-miss, but it does make me want to pull out my sewing machine. However, given that I'm still quite woozy and a bit dizzy, I should probably stay away from sewing machines.

(* "angsted" is so a real word)