Sneaky Preview

nov09 097 Yes, the Percy Shawl is finished. I need to wait for Official Photographer before actual photos are posted (prob Saturday) but here's a little peek. More previews: the new Interweave Winter Issue preview is up. I am underwhelmed and see nothing I might knit. The winter edition of Twist Collective is slightly better - Kelmscott makes me wish I were a Pre-Raphaelite beauty who would wear beautiful lacy cardigans. Still, I'm wondering if the best patterns are not self-published these days and if Ravelry is changing the way we go about choosing knitting projects?

And because I have finished my shawl, I get to choose a new project. I will cast on a Christmas project today and I won't be able to blog about it (previews available on Ravelry, though, once I get myself sorted). I've also decided to continue to knit down my lace stash by casting on for Echo Flowers (essentially bits of Laminaria and Percy combined - yes, I've fallen in love with Estonian lace) and this may become a birthday present..