Re-Arranging Letters

Facebook has been asked to remove the Scrabulous application as it infringes upon Scrabble's copyright. Scrabulous is one of the two reasons why I have not grown entirely tired of Facebook yet (the other being Staries where I'm trying to get above 19000 points because I'm a sad individual). I might reconsider my Facebook profile if Scrabulous is pulled - although there is something to be said about reconnecting with people you haven't seen in fifteen years (what that 'something' is I will leave for you, dear reader, to decide).

On a much brighter note, this book just arrived in the post and seeing as I finished Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell last night, that is damn good timing. Thoughts on Strange & Norrell will be posted once I have finished processing it in my head.

Finally, the book widget question. Now Reading appears to be quite useful as a tracking tool rather than as a library tool. By that I mean that it enables me to track what I am reading (thus making the Books 2008 page rather obsolete) but it cannot keep track of my book collection. I'll keep it for now but any book widget suggestions are still warmly welcomed.

Edit: more on Facebook, Scrabulous and infringing copyrights