Making Plans For Knitting

In preparation for the new year, I have been going through my knitting queue and my stash. I know these things are subject to change, but I have made a few plans.

  1. I have long wanted to make a pullover out of Rowan Kid Silk Haze. After contemplating several contenders, I have decided on Peaceful from the forthcoming Rowan 47. Colour undecided as of yet (but not pastel pink).
  2. For my (mumble, mumble)th birthday, I was given the kit for Flyte. My fingers are itching to do a fair-isle project and i want to get this started before my (mumble, mumble, mumble)th birthday.
  3. Shawl-wise, I want to make Aeolian from Knitty Spring 2009 and Bitterroot from Knitty Winter 2009. I have not assigned any yarns yet, but seeing I'm continuing my laceweight knit-down in 2010, the yarns will be straight from stash.
  4. Seeing as I did not get around to making the Christmas Yule Pigs pot-holders this holiday season, they will be a good summer time project in 2010 (you know, if we get a warm summer, wool will be way too sticky..).

I think my knitting plans are fairly modest and very achievable.

Five more songs from the decade-almost-past: First, it's Guillemots with "Trains to Brazil". After Elbow (see yesterday's post), this marks the second politically aware song on this rundown. It's also incredibly, amazingly upbeat and a cracking pop song. One of my absolute favourites.

Also: Grandaddy: He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot. Their album, The Sophtware Slump, is one of my favourite albums and this is the lead track. Yes, it is nine minutes long, but it is also deeply affecting. I recommend listening to the entire album and discovering just where this song fits into the story.. Hawksley Workman: You, Me & the Weather. It feels very unfair that Hawksley Workman isn't an international superstar. An astounding voice and a gifted songwriter. Maybe the world can only handle one Canadian male diva singing super-dramatic songs about wanting to be a girl..  I Am Kloot: Twist. Overlooked British band that makes songs for those 3am nights. "There is blood on your legs .. I love you." Interpol: Slow Hands. One of the best singles this decade. Fact.

(and the title's a play on this ace song)