Tracks, Trails and Tribulations.

Let's be frank: I am a process knitter. When I choose to knit something I go for patterns that will a) challenge me, b) make me count every single stitch and c) see me collapse into a broken heap at some point. And so I enjoy knitting lace shawls even if I rarely wear them. My current pet peeve/project is Evelyn C. Clark's Heartland Shawl (link goes to another knitter's version). I've nicknamed my version "Tracks and Trails" to reflect the patterns used. I am about halfway through the repeats of the second lace charts and I'm yet to find my rhythm. Usually I have my 'collapse into a broken heap' moment fairly early on and then I come out on the other side to work the stitches in a fairly fluent manner. But this? I still need to shut out the world and count, count, count. I'm using's Duo merino in a petrol colourway. And I'm not sure about this yarn either as it compares unfavourably to other fingering weight merinos I've used. It is splitty and rather stiff.

Could this be the project that will make me become a project knitter instead? Seeing as my other project is an actual wearable garment - the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater in nice, tweedy Scottish organic wool - I fear this might just be the case. Will I ever knit another lace shawl? Ask me once I've completed the Heartland/Tracks & Trails shawl.