With Sleeves - FO: Coupland

And the day before we left for Denmark? I finished the last sleeve on David's pullover. Here he is, that dear man, posing in a snow-clad Danish forest. Coupland Factoids: just a smidgen over 5 balls of New Lanark Aran in the "Bramble" colour way (I joined the sixth ball to do the ribbing on the second sleeve) and maybe 15-20 g of some Noro Kureyon leftovers (col. 124). Needles: 3.5mm for the ribbing, 5mm for the body and 4.5mm for the yoke/sleeves. And own design, of course. I continue to be head over heels with the slip stitch pattern I used.

So, in 2009 I knitted the following: 10 tops, 3 baby garments, 6 hats (my project page doesn't have the red beanie, for some reason), 8 shawls, 2 scarves, 2 pair of mitts and 1 "other" project. 32 projects?! Bloody hell.. I feel faint just looking at those numbers. I'll have less knitting time in 2010, though, so I don't expect I'll be able to match my 2009 output.

I do know one thing (okay, two things) about my knitting in 2010. One is that I will not be buying yarn for myself because The Christmas Elves (and myself) gave me a lot of new yarn. Two is that I will be getting more yarn because I am getting more professionally involved with knitting than I have been before (I cannot and will not say more on this, though), so the deal is to knit down my personal stash and keep the professional stash balanced. Exciting times ahead, it is fair to say.

What yarn did I get when I was in Denmark? Ahhh, this is the fun/scary bit. My gran gave me a sweater's worth of Hjertegarn Lima (rav link - this goes for all yarns mentioned) in a pretty grey-green colour, a sweater's worth of Løve Garn Iceland in a heathered grey (I'm thinking Manu, because the drape is really nice), 2 balls of Navia Uno in a gorgeous dark grey and a ball of Kauni in a purple/fuchsia concoction certain to make certain mortals swoon. David and I made our merry way to Copenhagen and things got a bit out of hand. 2 balls of Drops Delight, a ball of Fame Trend because I had been coveting socherry's haul earlier this year, some grey Drops Alpaca, and I found two hanks of the discontinued yarn I used for my Laminaria at a ridiculously low price. And then things got really bad/good when I unpacked my present from Bestest Friend: enough angora yarn to make a fluffy shawl, enough yak(!) yarn to make a gorgeous shawl (Bitterroot?) and, get this, 700 yards of laceweight cashmere yarn. My friend had raided this Swedish webshop for me and, gosh, I'm bowled over.

I meant to write about books because I have been reading a bit too and wanted to make an End of Year post about my year in books, but that shall have to wait.

Happy New Year, or as we say in Scotland, Happy Hogmanay everyone!