Pour Le Monde Mitts And Other Stuff

I made these Garter Stitch Mitts way back in November but seeing I made them as a Christmas present, I have had to keep quiet about them. This was the project which made me fall in love with Russian grafting. It is not entirely invisible, but it is a very tidy and neat way of grafting. Anyway, the mitts have been gifted and the recipient has already begun using them. I plan on making myself a pair of Garter Stitch Mitts at some point - the pattern is bordering on being absolute genius. I have had a couple of (planned) days off work and like a sensible person I have mainly kept indoors. Britain is having "the worst winter in 30/70/100 years" (depending upon which news outlet you believe) and snow is everywhere. Being Scandinavian I am actually used to snow (even if I dislike it immensely) but I am not used to people not dealing well with snow. Pavements are not being cleared; cars do not sport winter tyres and have a troubling tendency to spin slightly out of control whenever I walk near them; and public transport is predictably unpredictable. I continue to get a kick out of watching people walk around in wellies and big acrylic jumpers - winter boots and layers are key to dressing for freezing temperatures, folks! The cold snap is set to last for some time yet - which is good news for my Scheherazade Fan Shawl (a few rows away from being done) seeing as it is more a lap blanket than a shawl. So nice and snuggly - perfect for this weather.

Finally, a little plea for some help. My birthday is about a month away and my family is asking me for a wish list. I have decided against asking for yarn (I have decided that 2010 is the year of stash-down), but I have no idea what else to ask for. I have this weird thing about only wanting things I actually NEED rather than wanting little luxurious things. If you could ask for little little luxuries, what would you ask for? Remember - non-yarny things only!