Waiting For the Ravelympics 2010

Funnily enough I finally feel like my knitting year is starting. I have been planning my Ravelympics project for a long time and I have been holding back on various projects because I knew that mid-February would be busy in knitting terms. I have chosen to knit my first pair of socks and right up until a few hours ago I was unsure about which pattern to choose. I had almost decided upon Bev Elicerio's Hourglass socks, but then I could not find my 2.5mm dpns and the pattern was known to have some flaws, so I decided against it. Komet became a contender as did Crystals 'Combs & Cables, Snickets, and the Dream Twister Socks. Tweets flew back and forth with me seeking advice and inspiration from seasoned sock knitters.

I do not expect to get bitten by the sock bug, to be honest, so with that in mind I decided to knit something that was clearly a ca-pi-tal let-tah Sock designed by someone who herself is a ca-pi-tal let-tah Sock Designer. For my first and only pair of socks I might as well go all out and so I am going to knit Clandestine by Cookie A in Araucania Ranco.

I cannot wait to cast on.

My birthday turned out to be lovely. I am yet to receive all my presents as my grandmother may have tried to ship inflammable substances to the UK and gotten herself into a bit of bother with the Danish authorities over that.. but I am sure it will all be just fine. My mother gave me beautiful buttons (among other things) which is almost as close to crafty gifts as I got this year. I am trying hard to destash, you see, but as my destashing attempts somehow end up with me getting bags full of Kidsilk Spray and Kidsilk Aura, I asked for no birthday yarn. Gasp, horror.

Next project (after the socks): my Summer Tweed top.  After that one I shall have to cast on for Clothilde which a certain blogger gave me as a surprise birthday present. Yes, the knitting year has finally begun.