Picture Perfect-ish

This one's called "Green Sock On Concrete". My inspiration for this? Well, I wanted to address tempus fugit, the inherent pain of creation (note those needles: both the instrument of making and of maiming) and something about urban life versus nature which the concrete/foot constellation symbolises. Oh, and our living room carpet would have clashed with the green sock and Official Photographer was out, so I posed on our stairwell. I'm about to graft the toe and I am delighted with this little thing, but something about socks still bugs me. Maybe it is my irrational dislike of feet. Seriously, I think feet are disgusting. So whenever I try on my sock, I have to get over the "omg, this thing I'm knitting has been on my foot and I have to touch it!" I wish I could wash that sock every time I pull it off my foot, but it's just not feasible for a work-in-progress.

I tried watching the Olympics today whilst knitting, but for some reason BBC thinks curling is more watchable than the men's short programme in figure-skating (something about Britain actually maybe possibly being able to win a medal at curling could have something to do with it, but still.)