A Thoughtful Present

People's reaction to my sock knitting has been very amusing. One afternoon I was meeting up with a couple of friends and we were merrily knitting along when a woman came up and said very slowly: "Oh. You are. All. Knitting. Socks." We weren't, actually, but I appreciated the stunned tone to the woman's voice.

And how did my Other Half react? He went out and got me a wooden shoe last because, and I quote, "you might want to use it for showcasing your socks on Ravelry photos." I already knew he was a keeper, but it's always pleasant to have this confirmed.

While I am not convinced the last will work for showcasing any socks, I do think it is exceptionally pretty in that 'early-20th C industrial item' way when mass-produced items were still being made in non-industrial materials such as wood, when you could still detect the workman's hand in the final product.

I do also adore the tiny details: the little plaque bearing the manufacturer's name, the stamp, the hinges and the elegant handle.

Ah, if this won't get me sock-knitting, I am not sure what will. I do have a pair of very plain socks on the go and I'm actually looking forward to a no-feet-involved photo shoot now.

Still no word on the missing project bag. I have a mind to go rummage through my workplace's storage facility today (and maybe buy a few books whilst I am in City Centre - those birthday vouchers are burning a hole in my pocket!). I find some comfort in the fact that both David and my mother think I might just have misplaced it. They know me too well.