Some days the internet should be taken away from me. I am feeling delicate, emotional and fragile in a chocolate-eating sense and now I have purchased yarn from online vendors. One skein of merino sock from The Thylacine in a dark green colour called "Wellington" (and Wellington, NZ is my favouritest city on earth) and one skein of luscious, sinful Malabrigo in Azul Bolita (which looks remarkably like an Yves Klein Blue on this monitor and, yes, it is my favouritest blue). And I am supposed to be cold sheeping.

Truth be told, I abandoned my no-more-yarn pledge earlier this month as I came across an incredibly good offer on some old yarn and promptly spent £2 on 20 balls (I told you it was a good deal and I have plans for it all. Honestly). Somehow I think I need to revisit my cold sheep pledge..

In case you are wondering, the Good Deal yarn is going to go towards a lot of small projects: scarves, hats, cowls and mitts. Presents as well as stuff for myself. The Azul Bolita will turn into the Snapdragon hat as it will look fabulous with my bright green coat (yes, I frequently dress as though I am either colourblind or deliberately out to scare children). The sock yarn will .. become socks of the sock variety.

Tomorrow I will stay away from yarn outlets. Okay, that won't happen for a number of reasons but I will at least make a concerted effort to forget my Paypal account password. Now where is my chocolate?