Knitting In Public: True Stories

The couple approached me as I sat knitting. The woman told me that she had recently begun knitting again and that it was so nice to see a young woman knitting in public (I'm now the age when I appreciate being called a young woman). She then moved away to look at some flowers; her husband sat down on the bench next to me. "So, do you have a special man in your life?" he wondered. I do have a very special man in my life, yes.

"Do you ever KNIT FOR HIM?" His voice grew a bit louder. I admitted that I do occasionally make something for my man.

"Do you KNIT HIM JUMPERS?" Yes, I knit my special one jumpers.

"I bet he LOVES your HANDKNITTED JUMPERS!" The man shot his wife a significant glance. "What a LUCKY MAN!"

Pause. Then his voice grew even louder.

"What about socks? Do you knit socks? Do you ever KNIT SOCKS FOR YOUR MAN?! Ach, NOTHING SAYS LOVE LIKE HANDKNITTED SOCKS!"

And that was when the woman decided she needed to go look at flowers far away from me and my knitting needles.