Day Three: One Great Knitter?

Fourth Edition is taking part in the Knitting & Crocheting Blog Week, and you can read more about that blog project here. When I first started attending knitting groups, I had no idea what to expect. I still remember my very first meet-up: I was knitting a pair of Fetching hand-warmers whilst sitting across from SoCherry and I was petrified. I worried she was judging the way I knit, that I might drop a stitch or make a mess of cabling. Looking back, this seems pretty funny - especially if you know SoCherry who is as sweet, kind and non-intimidating a person as you can hope to meet. I continued attending knitting groups despite my initial bout of knitterly panic and I was soon to realise that each and every person I met was A Great Knitter.

Usually I'm a very pragmatic person and I seldom get emotional, but I do get all gooey when I see what ordinary people like you and me can create out of a ball of string and two sticks. I see grannies knitting fabulous jumpers for their newborn grandchild; I see teenagers knitting socks in cheerful colours; I see adventurous knitters going for broke with lace or cables; I see casual knitters plugging away at a simple scarf - and I love it all. I really do. Knitters (and crocheters!), I salute you all.

Ravellers, here is a list of projects I love. I have seen so many beautiful things, so it was difficult to choose. I did settle on a theme - let me know if you guess what the theme may be..

Too easy? Here are five more favourites and another theme..

I could go on all day, but suffice to say that each knitter/crocheter I meet inspires me and makes me a better knitter too. See? I do go icky-gooey occasionally.

Don't tell anyone.