Day Six: This Old Thing...?

Fourth Edition is taking part in the Knitting & Crocheting Blog Week, and you can read more about that blog project here. When I look back upon all the things I have knitted in the last, say, six months, there is one item I have worn more often than anything else: my Art Deco shawl.

The shawl is not knitted out of fancy, expensive yarn - just an ordinary DK woolblend which I found at a favourable price - but it has earned its keep many times over these past few months. You see, the shawl quickly turned itself into a big, cosy scarf/shawl/blanket which kept me warm during the hardest winter in Scotland for over thirty years. When it snowed, I could pull it halfway over my face; when I was cold at night I'd drape it across my legs. Now we have finally seen the arrival of spring, it still warms my shoulders and acts as a nice buffer between me and the wind.

Oh, and the colours never failed to cheer me up.

So, how does it look now?

Well-loved, it is certainly not as crisp as it used to be. Actually, just looking at that photo I feel like giving the shawl a good soak and setting up a date with some blocking pins. However, the wool is wearing very well (yes, that would be the acrylic content, I bet) and it is as warm and cosy as ever.

In fact, I think I'll just keep it wrapped around my neck.



(I apologise for the haggard look. I'm just home from work)