FO: Millbrook

Ever had an idea for a garment that you really, really wanted and you cast on for it hoping that it would turn out exactly how it looked in your head? I'm happy to say that Millbrook turned out exactly the way I wanted. It is wearable, feminine (not girly) and has a strong vintage-vibe.

Of course I do not have the same body as I have in my head - I have a peasant-girl body with wide hips, short torso and big bust instead - but I still think Millbrook looks awesome on me (the buttonband does not actually gape). That is a very good thing, she says thinking of body-image issues and self-criticism.

Pattern: 115-25 Jacket with Lace Pattern by Drops Design (it is free!) Yarn: JC Rennie Supersoft in "Olive Grove". Coned and oiled for machine knitting. Used doubled. Needles: 5mm

Modifications: As previously mentioned, I did not like the original pattern as styled and presented by Drops design. So I altered a few things: I did not do YOs but M1L+M1R for the raglan increases; I shorted the sleeves to just-below-elbow-length; I crocheted loops around the neckline instead of on all edges (the neckline was too bare if I had omitted the crocheted edge entirely) and used the same yarn as for the rest of the cardigan.

The yarn is stunning. I bought it last year thanks to a tip-off from Swesser (and a huge thank you to her!). I was not too impressed whilst I was knitting as it was a coned, oiled yarn intended for machine-knitting - but once washed I just could not believe how tactile the Rennie yarn becomes. Very soft, beautifully heathered and the handle is phenomenal. I promptly ordered another cone (in an unusual colour for me) despite my best stashdown intentions. I cannot praise Rennie enough - particularly as my cardigan feels so very lightweight despite the 4ply being doubled-up.

If I were to criticise the pattern just a tiny bit, it would be the neckline. I started the garterstitch buttonband several rounds before the pattern said I should - otherwise you would end up with an odd stocking stitch section around the fronts. I have also added a few rounds of single crochets before the crochet loops and the neckline still feels a bit bare. Some might want to consider an actual collar or to start with a size smaller for the neckline to avoid the bareness.

My next project is likely to be another cardigan with a vintage feel - Harmony from Rowan 47. I like the Organic Cotton, but the shades wash me out, so I decided on Fine Milk Cotton in Water Bomb, a nice duck's-egg-blue. I'm planning on tiny red buttons and for the corsage to be teal/cream with red accents. Now to find my 2.75mm circs ..

PS. The Glasgow World Wide Knitting in Public Day has just been announced but, alas, I am working. Anyone up for a Sunday WWKIP?