Everything You Made by Hand

Last night I sat up finishing this little girly thing - a corsage made in Rowan Kidsilk Haze and adorned by red beads. I first tried combining old vintage white buttons and red beads, but it did not look quite right. I did like the effect of the vintage buttons in the centre of the corsage and may well use the buttons when I make another corsage. The pattern I used came from Rowan Magazine 47 and I really liked how easy it came together.

I have a few other Rowan corsage patterns kicking about and will try them out too, but this pattern can be endlessly modified, adorned and, if made slightly bigger, be turned into a fascinator. Friends have begun talking about weddings, and I really fancy making my own fascinator (because I'm slightly mad and/or refuse paying good money for something I can make myself).

(This reminds me of the recent discussion on Cargo Cult Craft about the Homemade Vs the Handmade look, by the way. How are out aesthetic tastes shaped by Ready-To-Wear goods? I remember seeing some haute couture dresses in an exhibition and being fascinated by handstitched hems. Would my imaginary handmade fascinator with its handstitched adornments look out of place at a wedding? I do not think so - and not only because my social circle in Scotland consists predominately of crafters, artists and makers)

Everything that you made by hand Everything that you know by heart

I am about to cast on for Harmony for the third time. First time I cast on during Doctor Who which was a huge mistake, because Doctor Who is incredibly awesome at the moment. Second time I cast on whilst at knitting group which is presumably why I cast on for the size two sizes up from me. Third time lucky, I hope.

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