Making It Real

Like most knitters I can get obsessed by certain patterns. I have designers whose work I really admire,  I have specific project types I tend to do over and over again, and I am drawn towards a particular aesthetic. Long-time favourite patterns of mine include Arisaig, Shirley, Flyte, Icarus and Aeolian. I have the yarn to make Flyte (mmm, Felted Tweed) and I have enough 4ply in various colours and qualities to make Arisaig about five times. My laceweight problem is well-documented, so obviously I have plenty, plenty, of yarns to choose between for Icarus and Aeolian. So, if the yarn requirements are not the problem - why am I not making these much-desired projects?

Last night I finally cast on for the Aeolian shawl. I was fed up waiting for "the perfect yarn" and "the perfect moment". I printed off the charts (mmm, charts) and located an old skein of 100purewool merino lace (i.e. non-branded Malabrigo lace) which I overdyed about two years ago.

And you know what? Even though this is not "the perfect wool" and "the perfect moment" I am really enjoying how it is working up.

The colour is ridiculously bright, but I'm reserving judgement before I start pondering another dyeing session. So far the acid green/lime yarn actually work with the pattern rather than against it. It looks fun and playful instead of all heirloom-ish. I like that. It was not how I had pictured the shawl (my imagined Aeolian shawl was rather vague but somehow super-dignified) but I'm happy to finally be knitting the darn thing.

And I can always knit it again in a more staid colour.

Also, my cardigan is now hitting the slow-growth stage (i.e. no more fun charts; a walk in the stocking stitch desert to follow) which may explain why I'm suddenly throwing myself at a complicated lace project. I'm woefully predictable sometimes.

Finally, a good friend of mine is participating in the Race for Life this Sunday. She has a blog contest in which sponsors can win some ace prizes including a generous Old Maiden Aunt gift voucher, Rowan yarn, an Ishbel shawlette knitted in Malabrigo sock (I saw this with my own eyes tonight - it is beautiful) among other things. Go forth and see for yourself.