Find of the day week month year: Alice Starmore's Scandinavian Knitwear, mint condition, for £2. My hands were shaking slightly. I'm doubly pleased because I actually really like the patterns in the book and can see at least three future projects ("Skåne", "Halland" and "Blekinge" (sorry, Danish joke) "Delsbø"). I also bought John Allen's Fabulous Fairisle for a mere pittance. It is not a collection of knitting patterns, but rather a compilation of traditional fair-isle patterns. I particularly like how Allen explored the use of colour and how different colour combinations affected the chosen fair-isle patterns. Some of the patterns were shown in non-traditional colour combinations (pinks, greens and yellows on bleached white background!?) which was admittedly interesting, but also slightly off-putting.

Stranded knitting is definitely on the agenda later this year. I have no excuses left (bar lack of time).

A few days ago I was contacted by a staff member of a search company who informed me that the company was about to launch a Top 100 Most Influential UK & Ireland Knitting Blogs. Seeing as the company had included this very blog on the list, would I be interested in offering some critique? I pondered this whilst feeling mildly dubious (which I always do with such lists) Later I notice that an Irish felting blog* has now posted the entire list, and my lingering feeling of mild doubt has become less .. mild. Where is Needled? Ysolda? Attic24? Mooncalf Makes? And that is just off the top of my head. It is flattering that I should be called one of the top five most influential UK knitting bloggers, but it is also completely tosh. Who would you include on your list of "influential" UK knitting bloggers? And what is this "influential" thing about, anyway? Bah.

Still knitting that 4-ply cardigan. I'm contemplating cheating on it with a quick little knit - a hat or a cowl. The weather has turned decidedly autumnal today, and I'm tempted to knit a small bow-knot scarf. Just to get that "just completed something" glow, you see. It has been a while since my last Finished Object..

*) I don't know why I'm so surprised to see blogs devoted to felting, but I actually am..