The Knight With A Galleon On His Head

A friend of mine has crossed the North Sea to visit us here in rainy Glasgow. We took her to the Cathedral district yesterday. D. and my friend walked up the Necropolis while I lounged decoratively on a bench.

Afterwards we went inside St. Mungo's Cathedral - one of my favourite places to see stained glass windows here in Glasgow (and you'd be surprised by just how much stained class you find here - both in public and private homes).

My favourite window keeps changing. Yesterday I fell in love with this slightly barmy one: The Knight With A Galleon On His Head. I'm sure it has a real title or epitaph, but I like my version much better than "David Tavish Farquar, the 16th Duke of Skirlie In Memory of His Brother Simon, Lord of Colcannon".

Time for tea and buttered scones, I think. A busy day lies ahead.